Getting MEAN


Over the years, a myriad of frameworks and development tools for developing web applications, has evolved.

The most famous of these is perhaps the so-called LAMP stack.  LAMP is an abbreviation of “Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP”, and this stack has also on occasion been known as MAMP when running on a Windows server.

The latest craze is the so-called MEAN stack.  This is an abbreviation of “MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node” and what makes this so interesting is the fact that Javascript is used for both the back-end server application and the front-end browser application.  Deployment wise that will look something like this:

The user’s browser will execute Javascript code using the AngularJS framework.  This code will interact with the back-end application, which will run Node and Express.  The Node/Express application running on the server will make requests to the MongoDB database.


For this site we will be creating a simple note taking application which we will call “notes”.


This list will be updated as new pages are created.

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