Getting MEAN: Prerequisites

Before digging into the MEAN stack, a few prerequisites must be in place.  These are:

  • A text editor
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Git (optional)

Text Editor

As a UNIX administrator with 20+ years of experience there only exists one text editor and that is vi.  However, this is not a vi training site, so any old text editor will do – including notepad.

We do however suggest an editor with some degree of syntax highlighting and possibly some support for automatic or semi automatic formatting would be strongly recommended.  A few good options:


We will be using Node.js as our backend and we will be using npm (which is included with Node.js) to handle our various dependencies, so this is absolutely essential.

How to install Node.js, depends on your operating system of choice, so use Google to figure it out.  Their main site might also have some suggestions.  At the time of writing we are using v8.7.0, which is the latest official release.


We will be using MongoDB as our database.  As for Node.js, installing MongoDB depends on your operating system, so again – use Google to figure out how to install it.


Throughout the pages on this site we will keep track of the various changes using git and it is strongly suggested that you do the same.  However, it is entirely possible to ignore the git parts completely if you so prefer.

If you do want to use Git, make sure it is installed and ready, and you should probably also sign up for an account on Github.  The examples on these pages are all available on Github here.

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